Dirt 4 – Collector Editions

Codemasters revealed their collector edition for their Dirt 4 rally game and it comes with a steelbook.

Dirt 4 will build upon the team management systems introduced in Dirt Rally, which means the ability to hire personnel to repair the car, oversee the day-to-day operations, and boost the team’s profile to secure new sponsors. You will also be able to buy and sell new and used cars, with previous results and accident histories affecting the resale value of the car.

Check out the trailer to learn more about the game:

Dirt 4 Collector Editions

The Dirt 4 Steelbook Edition includes one of the most ugliest steelbooks known to mankind with that cheap overbearing orange and no graphics except the logo but at least it’s free.
It comes with the edition of your choice if you pre-order the game.

The day-one edition includes a couple of DLCs with a Hyundai R5 car, a special event race, and a founder icon.

The special edition is a GAME exclusive edition and includes everything from the Day-one edition plus a Booster Pack that you probably don’t really care about.

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Bottom line, the collector edition of Dirt 4 is a bit disappointing, especially when you compare it to the Dirt Rally steelbook edition which was breath-taking. What do you think ?