Ghost Recon Wildlands – Steelbook and Collector Editions

January update: A few days after GameStop revealed it’s exclusive collector edition, Amazon listed an unique collector edition with the majestic Santa Muerte figurine and an exclusive steelbook that Europeans will be very jealous of:

This edition is available via Amazon USA only.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands steelbook edition is now available for preorder on Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany, and it ships worldwide ! (except UK)


December 30th update: GameStop revealed a new exclusive collector edition for Ghost Recon Wildlands ! Triforce is the manufacturer of the very nice Nomad figurine which is 31cm / 12 inches high.

The very nice golden collector box also includes the “gold” version of the game (Season Pass + map + OST) with an exclusive steelbook, embroided patches and a beautiful exclusive lithography of the ghost squad in the mountains.

This edition is available via Gamestop only.


Ubisoft just presented a new trailer and the different special editions of the game.
If you didn’t knew yet, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will take place in an open world where the player will be free to go where he wants, and he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions.
Here’s the trailer:

Now let’s see those editions:

  • The Calavera Collector Edition
  • The Fallen Angel Collector Edition
  • The limited Steelbook Edition
  • The Deluxe Edition
  • The Gold Edition

The Deluxe Edition, is available physically or digitally but if you order the digital version you won’t get the game map, nor the OST. It will come with the Digital Deluxe Pack which contains The Huntsman rifle, The Huntsman motorbike, 3 emblems, 3 weapon camos, 3 character customization items and an XP booster.

The Gold Edition is exactly the same as the Deluxe Edition but it will also contain the Season Pass.

ghost-wildlands-calavera-collectorThe Collector Calavera Edition encloses some cool goodies for the fans, like a Ghost Recon custom headset , a skull replica of the Santa Blanca cartel, the game OST, a map of the game, postal cards, a collector box and obviously, the game.
The Digital Deluxe Pack will also be included in the collector edition.
It is available for pre-order exclusively on the Ubi store at 149,99$/€.

Now let’s see the other two real nice exclusive collector editions:


The Fallen Angel Edition is a EBGames exclusive (Australia) and features the Fallen Angel figurine, the official soundtrack, the game map of Bolivia, the Season Pass and the Digital Deluxe Pack. You can get it for a bit less than $200 at EB Games website.
Depending on your country, you can also buy the figurine separately on the Ubi shop.

The Limited Steelbook Edition, my favorite, is only available in Australia on JB Hi-Fi website for $89, on Amazon France and Amazon Germany for less than 70€.
If you live in Europe you can order through Amazon, as they deliver for free in most countries.
If you live in North America you’ll have to add import taxes.

Note that all pre-orders of the game will come with the Peruvian Connection bonus mission.


Pre-order now to pay the lowest price (Pre-order Price Guarantee), you will only be charged when product is shipped. Link automatically redirects to your country store.

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    I can’t find the calavera colector’s box on the page I’s it already sold?

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      Try with this address:
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    I want to buy the Steelbook Ed.of Wildlands but I’m not sure they’ll send to Srilanka

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    Any advice on how I could get it imported?

  • Montana

    Thank you! The artwork on that steelbook is outstanding