Rainbow Six Siege – Chibi Collectibles

Made by Ubicollectibles & Ubiworkshop, Ubisoft released a small collection of 5 chibi figurines!

The collection includes Ash, Montagne, IQ, Smoke and Tachanka. They are 4 inches (10cm) high and are surprisingly detailed for their size.

The figurines will come with a code to download exclusive in-game content such as a pendant that hangs on your weapon.

Ash pendant in-game

Already available in North America, the 5 chibi figurines of Rainbow Six : Siege will be released at the beginning of october in Europe at 20€ per unit, so 100€ for the whole collection.
But you can get one free if you buy all of them on the Ubi store and you can add to that a 20% discount with your Ubi points: allowing you to get the collection for only 64€.

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